Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 2

Written By: Lauren

I’m back again with my review of Oz’s 2nd Chapter! I’m so excited to see how this story will progress. NTT Solmare is my favorite otome game developer besides Otomate (they’re both equal), so I’ve been super psyched about playing one of their newest installments, “Oz+.” Here’s my review/playthrough of Chapter 2!

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Lost Island+” Review

Written By: Lauren

“Lost Island+” is a horror and action-themed otome game by NTT Solmare, the creators of titles such as “Destiny Ninja” and “Wizardess Heart.” Being an avid fan of horror and action (and of course, otome games), I jumped on the game when I saw it.

It took me a while, but eventually, I got through every playable character’s routes and am eager to share a brief review of the game!

Warning!: This review contains some spoilers. Not major ones, but spoilers nonetheless.

The story revolves around the MC (Main Character) joining the research team on Aoshima, an island said to contain a new source of energy. They call this material extra-hydrate, or “XH,” and it’s supposed to be an alternative to fossil fuels. The native islanders have beef with these new researchers, who have established a lab on their island and have been invading their space, disrupting their peace.

Not only are they invading their territory, but bringing about a curse… Dead bodies begin appearing on the island, spreading rumors of a curse. Soon enough, zombies take over the island, and dark secrets behind XH and the laboratory are exposed. People die, and the MC and the others are forced to fight to survive.

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[Review] “Ace Attorney” Episodes 7 & 8

Written By: Lauren

A ton of things happened in “Ace Attorney” episodes 7 and 8, so I’ll do my best to recap and point out important details I noticed. Episode 7 was the conclusion to the Steel Samurai/Turnabout Samurai case, and episode 8 was the introduction to Turnabout Goodbyes and the DL-6 incident, which is significant towards Edgeworth’s character.

I didn’t love Episode 7 at all, and I’ll explain why. Surprisingly, I was happy with Episode 8 and was relieved it didn’t follow the downhill track I thought the anime would be taking. Let’s review!

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[Review] “Ace Attorney” Episodes 5 & 6

Written By: Lauren

Let’s just say episode 5 and 6 were my favorite episodes thus far. It also covers my favorite case in “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” the Turnabout Samurai. Many of my favorite characters were introduced, such as the talkative Oldbag, lovable Will Powers, and adorable Cody Hackins.

Like usual, I’ll be doing a summary mixed with my thoughts about the episode. I’ll also compare and contrast scenes from the anime and the game!

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 1

Written By: Lauren

Chapter 1 of Oz’s route was very short, but as most beginnings are for otome games, it was sweet! This follows our lovely Dorothy selecting Oz as her “suitable man” and the comical reactions from the unselected suitors.

After Dorothy makes her selection of Oz, the dismayed others demand to know why he was chosen over them (or more like beg her for the reason).

Here, we get the option of: “He’s from the same/real world,” “He seems reliable,” or “He seems interesting.” At first I chose, “He seems interesting,” because that’s what I really thought, but then when he frowned, I knew I chose the wrong one so I restarted the scene. (Whoops!)

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Prologue

Written By: Lauren

Let’s be honest here—I love otome games, especially ones by NTT Solmare. From “Shall We Date” titles like “The Niflheim,” “Destiny Ninja,” “Wizardess Heart,” “Scarlet Fate,” and more, NTT Solmare has continuously retained my interest throughout the years.

Although I’ve recently been on hiatus from otome games because of academics and work, I’ve jumped back into playing again. I’ve just begun playing “Shall We Date?: Oz+” and am delighted with what I’ve seen so far!

As someone who has played otome games (and games, for that matter) for a long time, it takes a lot to grab my interest. I’m a terribly picky person, so it’s hard for me to enjoy a lot of games that others do. However, “Oz+” is on my positive side, with diverse characters, fantastic art, great soundtracks, and a relatively interesting story.

I’ve never been a huge fan of “The Wizard of Oz,” but I’m familiar with the story. “Oz+” is the otome game spin-off where Dorothy grows up, is turning seventeen years old, and the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow come to the human world to visit. They’ve assumed human forms and invite her back to the world of Oz to celebrate her birthday (how nice!).

I’ll do a summary of the prologue and explain what I did and didn’t like, along with future expectations.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 5

Written By: Lauren

I’m back with my second playthrough of “The Niflheim+” by NTT Solmare! I just completed Chapter 5 of Skeletiano’s Route and have a few thoughts (and a summary) to share with you all.

In terms of overall feel, this chapter was less interesting than the previous one and lacked elements that made huge, pivotal moments pop up. The “make-it-or-break-it” scenes in this chapter were more watered down than I’d like, and I’ll explain to you why.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 4

Written By: Lauren

Of all the characters in “The Niflheim,” there’s nobody’s route I wanted to play more than Jean’s, the Pale Ghost’s, and of course, Skeletiano’s. After finishing up two out of three of those routes, I was ready for a romance with our beloved Skeletiano.

Skeletiano has the most personality in the game, aside from the King. From his witty remarks, to his genuine chemistry with the MC (Main Character), and obsession with romance, I knew I had to learn more about who he was.

I played Chapters 1-3 a couple of months ago so I don’t remember too much about it, except that Skeletiano and the Princess have been getting along well. Now that I’ve begun playing otome games again, you can expect a few playthroughs from me!

I’ll start my playthrough/review from Chapter 4 of Skeletiano’s route. I’ll summarize the events and comments on things like dialogue, plot, CGs, and more, and maybe throw in a few complaints.

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Kweens Cuisine :: Course 1

Written By: Weslee

Welcome to the first course of Kweens Cuisine, a lifestyle portion focusing on– you guessed it– all things food! The course includes pictures of said delicious foods ranging from mouthwatering meats to decadent treats, along with our thoughts of the establishment itself and rate it according to our Ruby Rating system.

Hello everyone, Wes here with the first post of this section! As most of you know, summer is here for us, so I tend to follow my family tradition and make trips to Las Vegas quite often. This time our destination lead to The Bellagio, and for our lunch it led us to none other than the Cafe Bellagio.


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Final Take (Film Reviews) :: “Corpse Party”

Written By: Ende

WARNING: BLOOD AND GORE (and spoilers)

“Corpse Party” is a Japanese horror movie based on the popular Corpse Party (not including Corpse Party 2) game franchise. The film’s main plot shared characteristics and events from both the first game (Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear) and the game’s anime adaptation (Corpse Party: Tortured Souls). Though there are many characters in both the game and the anime, the movie cut a few characters out and only showed the main nine characters.

Film: “Corpse Party”

Release Date: August 1, 2015

Director: Masafumi Yamada

Duration: 93 minutes

Overall, “Corpse Party” wasn’t full blown terrible. While it did cover a good amount of horror blood and guts, the portrayal of the storyline definitely didn’t do the game justice. The story leaned more towards the anime rather than the actual game, meaning it contained it’s own and the anime’s plot holes. This was probably because film makers couldn’t cram the average 10-15 hours gameplay into an under 100 minutes screentime.

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