Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 8

Written By: Lauren

Guess who’s finally back with some otome game reviews?

I’m back again with my review of “The Niflheim+,” and I have a few things to say about Skeletiano’s Chapter 8. Although this wasn’t my favorite chapter, there were a few scenes that left an impression on me and taught us more about the characters.

Our lovely Princess and Skeletiano have found the Great Wizard who’s rumored to have the elixir that’s changing skeletons back into humans. The Great Wizard tells Skeletiano to bring him his most valuable treasure and Skeletiano brings back a photo of himself.

The Great Wizard gets offended that Skeletiano thought that would be good enough for a magical transaction. He carries Skeletiano away with a really strong gust of wind, and the MC runs after his flying body.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 7

Written By: Lauren

I’m back for yet another round of reviews! Skeletiano is really growing on me as a character, and I’m growing to appreciate the writers’ craft more and more as the story progresses. However, this chapter was not one of my favorites. There was nothing really wrong about it, just that it was lackluster compared to other chapters.

Let’s get reviewin’!

As Skeletiano spots a burning building, he is reminded of how he died: in a fire. He goes to help the zombie brigade save people and put out the fire, telling the Princess to stay behind while he does so.

While standing there, the Pale Ghost comes to her and gives her directions to the Great Wizard, who apparently possesses the elixir that will restore Skeletiano back to his human (well, non-skeleton) form.

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VN Reviews ♕ ‘White Island’ Episode 1

Written By: Lauren

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m totally hooked on “White Island,” and for more reasons than I can list off the top of my head.

After finishing the intro, I jumped right into Episode 1: “Can’t Let You Go Alone.”

A lot of new characters are introduced this episode, including main characters we saw in the intro, like Jae, Jina, and Seo Hyun (who were on the list Ji Hoon saw). We also meet characters like Min Hyeok, Dae Han, Jang, and Kim Seo, some of whom I feel will become very important later on.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 6

Written By: Lauren

Guess who’s back with another edition of “Otome Corner?” Here’s my review and summary of Chapter 6 of Skeletiano’s route, which I’ve liked a lot so far. In Chapter 6, some of my most beloved characters show up, such as the Pale Ghost and King Jean.

As usual, I’ll summarize first, then describe the pros and cons of this chapter. Enjoy!

After they request permission for their relationship from King Jean, the Princess and Skeletiano anxiously await his answer. Jean doesn’t know how to respond. He says he should feel angry, but because it’s Skeletiano who’s asking, he can’t bear to be too upset.

The King finally decides that if Skeletiano wants to be in a relationship with the MC, then he has to prove to him that he’s better suited for her than he is. Skeletiano is up for the challenge, and tells MC that when he was alive, he was better-looking than the King is. The King is the most attractive character, so if Skeletiano was better than him, I’m curious about how he looks!


MC recalls hearing a rumor from Sunny that a skeleton took some kind of mixture and turned back into a human. Armed with ambition, they go to the first person they can think of asking, which happens to be J.J.

J.J says he doesn’t know how to help, stating it’s impossible to “create something out of nothing.” Thus, because Skeletiano doesn’t have something to physically give to him (like his skin, I guess. Gross.) that it’s impossible for him to do something about it.

MC and Skeletiano go out for a meal, and she does her best to cheer him up. Skeletiano suddenly remembers how he died, saying he perished in a fire. While they ponder a solution, the Pale Ghost from the prologue appears beside the Princess.


Apparently, he knows the solution to their woes… An elixir does exist to get Skeletiano’s body back.

Pros: It was an interesting chapter, with reasonable decisions from the characters and the emergence of new problems for MC and Skeletiano to solve. The storytelling is great in this chapter and is a great improvement from the previous one!

I appreciate efforts to make realistic trials for the characters. We’d think J.J would be able to do anything, right? However, we learn that even he has his limits, providing a realistic limitation to what science can do and creating another trial for the characters to overcome.

I also loved the edition of the Pale Ghost. Looks like he’ll be a very important character, so I’m excited to see what role he’ll play in advancing the story.

Cons: None for this chapter!

Ren’s Rating: 9/10


Otome Corner! ♥ ‘Wizardess Heart’ Joel Crawford (Review)

Written By: Lauren

I absolutely adore “Wizardess Heart+” and love Joel Crawford. NTT Solmare’s “Wizardess Heart+” is one of my favorite otome games, with its perfect blend of comedy, romance, adventure, and of course, magic!

I’ve played Elias and Yukiya’s routes and a handful of special stories. Joel’s route is the third one I’ve played, and let’s just say I loved it. From the characterization to the plotline, everything was well-executed and up-to-par with what I expected from NTT Solmare.

Needless to say, Joel is now my favorite boy from “Wizardess Heart+.” Sorry, Elias, Yukiya.

This review is full of spoilers, so please don’t read it unless you’re okay with that!



Joel Crawford is a spellsinger, so his magic comes through his singing. The central problem in the route is that he’s suddenly lost his magic and is at risk of being booted out of Gedonelune Magic Academy. Liz Hart, our beloved MC, meets him unexpectedly by the pond and is struck with nostalgia. Somehow, she feels like she knows Joel, even though it’s her first time seeing him.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 3

Written By: Lauren

I’m back for another review and playthrough of “Oz+” by NTT Solmare! So far, this game is beating my expectations, and I’m actually really enjoying the story. A lot of the plotline is progressing as I predicted, but I’m interested in what kind of curve balls NTT Solmare will throw at our beloved characters in the coming chapters. Let’s recap!


After a night’s worth of festivities, Dorothy goes to her new room to rest. However, she’s unable to sleep, and because Toto Jr. is begging to go out to explore, she takes him out on a walk. While she’s on a walk, she bumps into Oz, who gives her a fright.

They decide to walk together, and she tries to question Oz about that strong will in his eyes. She doesn’t much of an answer, though, because Toto runs off. They then go after the trouble-making pup and walk into a fancy hallway. Apparently, it’s the biggest attraction of the palace.

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VN Reviews ♕ ‘White Island’ Intro

Written By: Lauren

Upon searching for more visual novels to play on the Play Store, I uncovered this gem: “White Island: A Flower Unto Death.”

“White Island” is an interactive visual novel reliant on puzzle-solving and quick-thinking to uncover mysteries. Produced by Visual Shower, “White Island” has been translated from Korean into English, opening the game to a wider audience. It’s a mystery-thriller adventure story, with a good amount of horror thrown into it.

What caught my attention right away was the icon, which had dark image with a pretty girl reaching her hand out. The game had a nice title, gorgeous art, and looked intense, so I was interested!

I’m a huge fan of visual novels and simulation games, so I dove right into it after it installed. The first thing I noticed was the friendly graphic interface, which had fonts and colors that corresponded to the dark elements of the story.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 2

Written By: Lauren

I’m back again with my review of Oz’s 2nd Chapter! I’m so excited to see how this story will progress. NTT Solmare is my favorite otome game developer besides Otomate (they’re both equal), so I’ve been super psyched about playing one of their newest installments, “Oz+.” Here’s my review/playthrough of Chapter 2!

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Lost Island+” Review

Written By: Lauren

“Lost Island+” is a horror and action-themed otome game by NTT Solmare, the creators of titles such as “Destiny Ninja” and “Wizardess Heart.” Being an avid fan of horror and action (and of course, otome games), I jumped on the game when I saw it.

It took me a while, but eventually, I got through every playable character’s routes and am eager to share a brief review of the game!

Warning!: This review contains some spoilers. Not major ones, but spoilers nonetheless.

The story revolves around the MC (Main Character) joining the research team on Aoshima, an island said to contain a new source of energy. They call this material extra-hydrate, or “XH,” and it’s supposed to be an alternative to fossil fuels. The native islanders have beef with these new researchers, who have established a lab on their island and have been invading their space, disrupting their peace.

Not only are they invading their territory, but bringing about a curse… Dead bodies begin appearing on the island, spreading rumors of a curse. Soon enough, zombies take over the island, and dark secrets behind XH and the laboratory are exposed. People die, and the MC and the others are forced to fight to survive.

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Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 1

Written By: Lauren

Chapter 1 of Oz’s route was very short, but as most beginnings are for otome games, it was sweet! This follows our lovely Dorothy selecting Oz as her “suitable man” and the comical reactions from the unselected suitors.

After Dorothy makes her selection of Oz, the dismayed others demand to know why he was chosen over them (or more like beg her for the reason).

Here, we get the option of: “He’s from the same/real world,” “He seems reliable,” or “He seems interesting.” At first I chose, “He seems interesting,” because that’s what I really thought, but then when he frowned, I knew I chose the wrong one so I restarted the scene. (Whoops!)

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