Kweens Cuisine :: Course 2

Written By: Weslee

Hi everyone, guess who’s back with another serving of delicious cuisine? I’m Wes, back from Vegas once again, this time we found ourselves at the mercy of mouth-watering Asian fare. This time around, I decided we take a look at more modern Chinese-American restaurants, these dishes infused with traditional recipes with a modern twist.

I am an absolute fan of Asian cuisine, and since I’m Cantonese-American, my favorite dishes come from Hong Kong inspired recipes. So, this time around our food stop was P.F. Chang’s, located in the casino of Planet Hollywood!

Food 1 (2)

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“It’s a Kweens’ Life”:: Comic #2

Illustrated By: Weslee

I’m back again for our weekly comic strip! This time I think it’s due for some ice-breakers, so why not share a few random facts about ourselves to get started? I’ll be going first, so enjoy my 3 random facts! Ren will be supplying her’s next week so stay tuned!


Comic 22222

Kweens Cuisine :: Course 1

Written By: Weslee

Welcome to the first course of Kweens Cuisine, a lifestyle portion focusing on– you guessed it– all things food! The course includes pictures of said delicious foods ranging from mouthwatering meats to decadent treats, along with our thoughts of the establishment itself and rate it according to our Ruby Rating system.

Hello everyone, Wes here with the first post of this section! As most of you know, summer is here for us, so I tend to follow my family tradition and make trips to Las Vegas quite often. This time our destination lead to The Bellagio, and for our lunch it led us to none other than the Cafe Bellagio.


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