Ruby Kweens, founded in September 2014, is a media-based group seeking to establish change in society. We are based in Southern California.

We aim to revolutionize people’s perspectives through different niches of the creative and technological sphere, such as video games, music, art, film, photography, and lifestyle blogging.

Here, you’ll find fun entertainment reviews, recommendations, blogs, photos, and more!

The founders are Weslee and Lauren. Join us on our journey towards an official launch!



A child’s creativity knows no bounds, mine consisted of me either sprawled onto the ground in my living room doodling to my hearts content about vivid adventures with a dragon-slaying huntress with just a pencil and paper scraps, or transforming the entire house into a mall with stacked chairs and randomly chosen clothes.

Writing and reading are my guilty pleasures, but the one activity I cannot live without is drawing, it’s my lifelong passion and it’s driven me far beyond just a mere hobby, but has become a part of who I am. A major factor that’s contributed to my love for drawing is reading comics and Japanese manga! I’ve read titles among titles of them, as well enjoy anime, J-Music, K-pop, video games, designing, and culture (yes, that includes food).

I am currently a illustration major, as well as a minor in financing. Along with Ruby Kweens, I handle affairs with A Day at the Beach!, our K-pop blog. I am fluent in English, am intermediate in speaking, writing, and reading Japanese and Cantonese. I have basic knowledge in Mandarin.


_DSC4303 s


Ever since I was young, I’ve had a strong imagination and love for all forms of art. I grew up playing video games on a Nintendo GameBoy, writing short storybooks, and actively engaging with technology.

I’m constantly seeking knowledge and experience and am interested in just about everything! I’m particularly passionate about music, video games, photography, film, television, language, and of course, computer science! I’m a huge fan of K-pop and The Walking Dead.

I’m currently a computer science major, with an emphasis on software. I also belong to the Sweet Sweet Kpop and KpopStarz team and manage A Day at the Beach!, a K-pop blog. I am fluent in English, and proficient in writing, speaking, and reading Cantonese and Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional). I have basic knowledge of Spanish and Korean.


I am a contributor to A Day at the Beach! and am interested in video games, movies (specifically horror movies), food, crime shows, animals, horror manga, and of course, K-pop.


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