Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 8

Written By: Lauren

Guess who’s finally back with some otome game reviews?

I’m back again with my review of “The Niflheim+,” and I have a few things to say about Skeletiano’s Chapter 8. Although this wasn’t my favorite chapter, there were a few scenes that left an impression on me and taught us more about the characters.

Our lovely Princess and Skeletiano have found the Great Wizard who’s rumored to have the elixir that’s changing skeletons back into humans. The Great Wizard tells Skeletiano to bring him his most valuable treasure and Skeletiano brings back a photo of himself.

The Great Wizard gets offended that Skeletiano thought that would be good enough for a magical transaction. He carries Skeletiano away with a really strong gust of wind, and the MC runs after his flying body.

She finds his scattered bones in front of Victor’s clinic and finds that Victor is acting a little… strange. Turns out he’s not Victor, but Fun.

He tries taking Skeletiano’s bones, and when the MC fights him off, he changes into Wild, another one of Victor’s personalities.

upload_-1 (6)

He tries to claim MC for himself, so Skeletiano attacks him. He isn’t fully assembled yet, so his skull flies at Victor/Wild, knocking him out.

Skeletiano gets reassembled, and they return to the Great Wizard to confront him. Our romantic Skeletiano declares that MC is his only true valued treasure, and touched, the Great Wizard gives in and gifts him with the elixir that’ll make Skeletiano human again.

Pros: I appreciated the humor in this chapter, particularly where Skeletiano gets blasted away by the wind and falls apart on the ground. It was interesting encountering Fun and Wild (Victor’s alternate personalities), but it wasn’t essential for the storyline.

I loved the part where Skeletiano’s skull flew at Wild/Victor. I’d kill to see that animated!

Cons: While there was some humor and suspense, this chapter was a little boring for my taste. Victor isn’t essential to the plot, so I don’t think finding out he has multiple personalities further developed or enhanced the story.

There could have been different approaches to thickening the situation with the Great Wizard. For example, the Great Wizard could have conducted a “test” on Skeletiano to see if he was worthy of the elixir, instead of him just sympathizing and giving it to him.

Having a “test” for Skeletiano would enhance the plot by giving him a specific goal and certain obstacles/checkpoints that he would have to meet to satisfy the Great Wizard’s expectations.

It would also have been more interesting if MC was more involved in helping him retrieve the elixir. The two could both participate in a “test” to prove they are worthy of the elixir.

Ren’s Rating: 7/10


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