Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 7

Written By: Lauren

I’m back for yet another round of reviews! Skeletiano is really growing on me as a character, and I’m growing to appreciate the writers’ craft more and more as the story progresses. However, this chapter was not one of my favorites. There was nothing really wrong about it, just that it was lackluster compared to other chapters.

Let’s get reviewin’!

As Skeletiano spots a burning building, he is reminded of how he died: in a fire. He goes to help the zombie brigade save people and put out the fire, telling the Princess to stay behind while he does so.

While standing there, the Pale Ghost comes to her and gives her directions to the Great Wizard, who apparently possesses the elixir that will restore Skeletiano back to his human (well, non-skeleton) form.


She relates the information to Skeletiano, who decides they should buy the Great Wizard something to set a good impression. They bump into Orlando and King Jean at the shop, and after finding out about MC and Skeletiano, Orlando gets furious.

Jean abates his anger by saying that if Skeletiano and Princess truly love each other, then Jean will start believing that love is real, too. (Flashbacks to his route…)


Jean tells them the Great Wizard has a hobby of collecting stuffed animals, so they buy a teddy bear for the wizard. They find him selling hot dogs, and when they explain their situation to him, he tells Skeletiano to bring him his most valued possession. Turns out he doesn’t even like stuffed animals. What a waste of money.

Pros: This chapter shed light into Skeletiano’s past and had a good amount of comedy and realistic reactions to difficult situations. Skeletiano’s character just keeps developing and becoming more lovable.

I love the interactions between him and MC. Sometimes, it even feels like I’m third-wheeling!

We also get to see some maturity from King Jean’s side, something we’re not used to seeing (unless you play his route). You can tell that Orlando and Jean are important to each other, even without their stories being explained. You can just get that atmosphere of intimacy from their short conversations.

I loved the fact the Great Wizard was working a hot dog stand. I mean, in what game will you find a Great Wizard selling hot dogs in the middle of town?

Cons: No con really comes to mind. I personally don’t like Orlando’s character at all, but that isnt’ much of a con, is it?

I do feel like it was an average chapter overall. It wasn’t too engaging, but it wasn’t so boring to the point that I just breezed through it.

Ren’s Rating: 7/10


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