Kweens Cuisine :: Course 2

Written By: Weslee

Hi everyone, guess who’s back with another serving of delicious cuisine? I’m Wes, back from Vegas once again, this time we found ourselves at the mercy of mouth-watering Asian fare. This time around, I decided we take a look at more modern Chinese-American restaurants, these dishes infused with traditional recipes with a modern twist.

I am an absolute fan of Asian cuisine, and since I’m Cantonese-American, my favorite dishes come from Hong Kong inspired recipes. So, this time around our food stop was P.F. Chang’s, located in the casino of Planet Hollywood!

Food 1 (2)

I’m sure many of you from California are aware of the name P.F. Chang’s, since there are multiple chains in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area! I have never visited any California branches, but I did get to try this one in Las Vegas several times.

The ambiance of the restaurant is meant to be romantic and a bit alluring with the candlelit tables and dimmed lighting, and I appreciated the artwork and tapestries that decorated the front bar entrance and sides of the restaurant. Another great thing about the place was the extremely kind wait staff! Every time my family and I go we are received with lovely smiles and a bright introduction.


Now, onto the delicious food!

Chicken, beef, and seafood were the primary meats available in their dishes, but there were great selections of vegetarian-friendly options!

For an appetizer we ordered the Chicken Satay, which are freshly grilled upon ordering them! While the meat was tender and lean, it didn’t take from the charred flavor from the grill. The spicy peanut sauce on the side was tart, (a bit too much for me) and the acidity help cut that really dark char on certain parts of the skewers.

It was accompanied by a small mixed salad of pickled vegetables, which helps clear your palate from the smokey flavor– they switch it up every time we go, but this time it consisted of diced carrots, cucumber, and radish!

Food 1 (6)

I really enjoy a good plate of stir-fried noodles, so I had the Signature Lo Mein. With this order, you can choose from vegetarian, chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or a combo mix. I chose chicken, and with it came tons of mushrooms which are my favorite vegetable! The lo mein was hefty with flavor and had a strong taste of their signature delicious sweet soy sauce. Other veggies included the noodles were carrots, onions, celery, bean sprouts and green cabbage.

Food 1 (4)

With the entree dishes we all shared, so we ordered the Crispy Honey Chicken, Almond and Cashew Chicken, and the Stir-Fried Eggplant.

Food 1 (5)

Almond and Cashew Chicken (Upper Left), Crispy Honey Chicken (Bottom Middle), Stir-Fried Eggplant (Upper Right) 

The Crispy Honey Chicken is forever my favorite dish there, the sweet and tart sauce they dress the freshly deep-fried chicken bites is amazing. The chicken isn’t filled with batter or fat and is lean and tender, each bite leading straight to another. The honey sauce is definitely worth a try, they have it for shrimp as well which is just as delicious! They garnish lightly with some sliced green onion and place the chicken on a bed of crunchy fried rice noodles.

The Almond and Cashew Chicken is worth a try since it’s extremely flavorful, the garlic soy glaze they use as the sauce is heavy on the soy sauce (a bit too strong for me but went great with white rice!). One thing I didn’t quite like in the dish were the green bell peppers which gave a weird taste to the dish (it’s pretty obvious I don’t like bell peppers).

However, the diced cashews and almonds were delicious and not toasted, and the coating of the sauce on them reminded me of certain peanut snacks I enjoyed before! There was a good amount of crisp white onions and mushrooms (yay!) included as well.

And lastly, the Stir-Fried Eggplant which was originally a bit more spicy was ordered with less spice since most of my family doesn’t really have a spicy palate (especially me). It’s a bit dark in the photo, but the sweet chili soy glaze was delicious for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy extremely spicy foods. The right hints of sweetness from honey and hoi sin sauce was a good complement to the lightly spicy chili paste! The eggplant slices themselves were fried lightly and were warm and squishy on the inside and tender on the outside.

While the some of the dishes we had weren’t exactly to my tastes, I really enjoyed the Crispy Honey Chicken which I highly recommend when any of you go there, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant (especially at night) and the waitstaff were just as amazing!

Wes’s Rating: 7/10





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