Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 6

Written By: Lauren

Guess who’s back with another edition of “Otome Corner?” Here’s my review and summary of Chapter 6 of Skeletiano’s route, which I’ve liked a lot so far. In Chapter 6, some of my most beloved characters show up, such as the Pale Ghost and King Jean.

As usual, I’ll summarize first, then describe the pros and cons of this chapter. Enjoy!

After they request permission for their relationship from King Jean, the Princess and Skeletiano anxiously await his answer. Jean doesn’t know how to respond. He says he should feel angry, but because it’s Skeletiano who’s asking, he can’t bear to be too upset.

The King finally decides that if Skeletiano wants to be in a relationship with the MC, then he has to prove to him that he’s better suited for her than he is. Skeletiano is up for the challenge, and tells MC that when he was alive, he was better-looking than the King is. The King is the most attractive character, so if Skeletiano was better than him, I’m curious about how he looks!


MC recalls hearing a rumor from Sunny that a skeleton took some kind of mixture and turned back into a human. Armed with ambition, they go to the first person they can think of asking, which happens to be J.J.

J.J says he doesn’t know how to help, stating it’s impossible to “create something out of nothing.” Thus, because Skeletiano doesn’t have something to physically give to him (like his skin, I guess. Gross.) that it’s impossible for him to do something about it.

MC and Skeletiano go out for a meal, and she does her best to cheer him up. Skeletiano suddenly remembers how he died, saying he perished in a fire. While they ponder a solution, the Pale Ghost from the prologue appears beside the Princess.


Apparently, he knows the solution to their woes… An elixir does exist to get Skeletiano’s body back.

Pros: It was an interesting chapter, with reasonable decisions from the characters and the emergence of new problems for MC and Skeletiano to solve. The storytelling is great in this chapter and is a great improvement from the previous one!

I appreciate efforts to make realistic trials for the characters. We’d think J.J would be able to do anything, right? However, we learn that even he has his limits, providing a realistic limitation to what science can do and creating another trial for the characters to overcome.

I also loved the edition of the Pale Ghost. Looks like he’ll be a very important character, so I’m excited to see what role he’ll play in advancing the story.

Cons: None for this chapter!

Ren’s Rating: 9/10



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