Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 3

Written By: Lauren

I’m back for another review and playthrough of “Oz+” by NTT Solmare! So far, this game is beating my expectations, and I’m actually really enjoying the story. A lot of the plotline is progressing as I predicted, but I’m interested in what kind of curve balls NTT Solmare will throw at our beloved characters in the coming chapters. Let’s recap!


After a night’s worth of festivities, Dorothy goes to her new room to rest. However, she’s unable to sleep, and because Toto Jr. is begging to go out to explore, she takes him out on a walk. While she’s on a walk, she bumps into Oz, who gives her a fright.

They decide to walk together, and she tries to question Oz about that strong will in his eyes. She doesn’t much of an answer, though, because Toto runs off. They then go after the trouble-making pup and walk into a fancy hallway. Apparently, it’s the biggest attraction of the palace.

They don’t see Toto, so Oz comments that he’s either run into the throne room, dance hall, or out into the garden.

They find the mischievous dog in the dance hall, which Dorothy muses is grand and someplace a princess would have their ball.

Of course, Oz invites her to a dance. She’s blown away by how good he is, and he guides her movements. She notes how mature he is and how being with him makes her feel a little more grown.

Per usual, our heroine trips, and being the gentleman, he quickly catches her in his arms. She immediately gets flustered, but he brushes it off and acts like nothing happened. She’s a little disappointed, thinking he’s treating her like a little girl. (Well, Dorothy, you are young… But I get you.)

Oz walks her back to her room, and before he leaves, he says something that keeps her awake with worry the entire night. He tells her not to trust people from Oz: not just Crowlie, Heartmann, and Leonardo, but Norton and Solomon as well. He doesn’t say why though, and warns her not to get too caught up in her excitement.

This ties back to my theory a while back. Oz has been dropping hints already that something isn’t right, or that he (and Wesley) know much more than they’ve been saying. Obviously, there’s more to them inviting Dorothy back to the world of Oz than she thinks. The fact she had to spontaneously choose a romantic partner was puzzling as well.


I can only speculate that the world of Oz is in need of help, or they’re using Dorothy to restore some order or fulfill a prophecy. Maybe she’s going to be pivotal to deciding the next leader of the world of Oz or something like that.

Whatever the case, NTT Solmare is doing a pretty good job at hiding it from me! I can’t figure it out quite yet, so I’m anxiously reading the story trying to piece the puzzle together. It also adds good mystery to Oz himself. Maybe he’s determined to protect her from whatever is coming up… or maybe to protect her from reality or the truth.

Pros: Overall, I enjoyed this chapter. It’s an ideal chapter 3, with a rather casual, slow pace with hints of mystery occasionally dropped into the story. I’m impressed with the structuring of the characters, especially the enigma shrouding Oz. It makes me genuinely interested in learning more about him and delving deeper into the story.

There are also realistic reactions from Dorothy to the situations given to her. I would be annoyed, too, if I felt like someone was treating me like a child when I’m not. (Dorothy is young, though, but I understand how she feels.) It also made sense that she had a hard time sleeping.

After an eventful day, and Oz’s ominous warning, I wouldn’t be able to sleep so well either.

Cons: None that I can think of!

Ren’s Rating: 8/10



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