Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 2

Written By: Lauren

I’m back again with my review of Oz’s 2nd Chapter! I’m so excited to see how this story will progress. NTT Solmare is my favorite otome game developer besides Otomate (they’re both equal), so I’ve been super psyched about playing one of their newest installments, “Oz+.” Here’s my review/playthrough of Chapter 2!


After deciding a banquet would be held to celebrate her returning, Norton leads Dorothy to the wardrobe. It’s basically a huge room with more dresses than a whole city can wear. She picks out one to wear, then goes to the banquet hall, where an amazing reception awaits her.

Everyone’s like, “Wow I’m so happy Dorothy’s back!” and commenting on how pretty she looks. Oz notes she looks “truly beautiful,” with a cute blush on his face. (Screeching is heard in the distance  and it sounds a lot like Lauren’s screams.)

I love how he refers to her as the hero! Finally a girl gets to be the hero!

Oz soon becomes the center of attention for being her “boyfriend,” which starts some friendly conflict between the others, especially Wesley. We also get the first CG! I LOVE IT!

“I’m beautiful, she’s beautiful… don’t you think we make a perfect couple?” I second this!

We get a glimpse of Oz’s strong will again when Dorothy looks at him. Seems like he has a particular motive for being back in Oz and being with Dorothy. Wonder what it is?

Dorothy gets a chance to speak about how she feels, in which NTT Solmare provides an option we can all relate to: “I really just want to eat.” That describes me at social gatherings. There for the food and nothing else.

I picked it just for fun, and Oz is like, “THAT’S how you feel right now?” Yes, it is.

I refreshed and chose the right option, which was “I’m glad to see everyone again.” Everyone is awed by her, and everyone wishes even more to be her boyfriend.

When Wesley and Oz pick a fight, Dorothy intervenes and says, “You’ll ruin the banquet.” Dorothy ends their childish spat in a second, and even the three stooges (Heartmann, Leonardo, Crowlie) are impressed.

The chapter ends with everyone finally eating. Woohoo!

Pros: Love everyone’s characters and their interactions with each other. We still don’t know much about everyone or why she had to choose a boyfriend, but it’s nice to get a feel for the characters.

I really appreciated the importance of the MC as a hero, rather than a sidekick. Dorothy is referenced all the time as the “hero,” and is well-respected by everyone. She’s not subordinate, which is fantastic.

The options were relatable! Even if they weren’t necessarily always the “correct” option, it was funny to see them there.

Cons: Still not a big fan of the super short scenes. Nothing else to really complain about!

Extra End Scene: Turns out Oz’s favorite food is Omaha steak.

Ren’s Rating: 8/10



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