[Review] “Ace Attorney” Episodes 7 & 8

Written By: Lauren

A ton of things happened in “Ace Attorney” episodes 7 and 8, so I’ll do my best to recap and point out important details I noticed. Episode 7 was the conclusion to the Steel Samurai/Turnabout Samurai case, and episode 8 was the introduction to Turnabout Goodbyes and the DL-6 incident, which is significant towards Edgeworth’s character.

I didn’t love Episode 7 at all, and I’ll explain why. Surprisingly, I was happy with Episode 8 and was relieved it didn’t follow the downhill track I thought the anime would be taking. Let’s review!


My, my, my, did episode 7 really change up a lot of things. I was perturbed they started changing some parts from episode 5 to 6, but they made huge leaps in this episode.

It’s Day 2 of Will Powers’s trial and everyone gathers in court to hear Dee Vasquez herself testify. Even Cody and Oldbag are in the audience, anxiously watching the trial from their seats. Dee gives her testimony, and Phoenix starts picking it apart piece-by-piece. And per usual, Edgeworth always has a refute for each of Phoenix’s claims.

Cody disrupts the trial when he jumps off the stands and runs around the courtroom, shouting about justice, and he’s quickly escorted out of the room. Oldbag takes this chance to hop out of her seat, too, and hands Phoenix an old photograph. She explains to him that Jack Hammer accidentally killed someone five years ago, and Dee Vasquez helped cover it up.


The trial resumes, and just when Dee is about to walk out the door, Edgeworth makes her testify again. (Whoa, why’s he helping the defense out?) Everyone’s baffled by Edgeworth, but Phoenix notes Edgey probably realized who the true culprit was, too.

Once Dee gets cornered, she loses her cool and fesses up to killing Hammer by pushing him off the stairs of Studio 2’s trailer, resulting in him being penetrated by the fence, just as the man Jack killed five years ago died. Wow.

Will is exonerated of all charges, and as he, Cody, Phoenix, and Maya are leaving the courthouse, Phoenix notices Edgeworth at the foot of the stairs. Phoenix and Maya go up to him, only to have Edgeworth coldly tell Phoenix that because he met unexpectedly with him again, he’s gotten “unnecessary feelings” and says he never wants to see him again. (Ouch. What the hell, Edgeworth?)


I have a lot I want to say about this episode, and most of them are complaints, unanswered questions, or funny things I noticed.

  1. What was the point of Cody jumping off into the middle of the court? That was unusual, but I had to admit, it gave me a good laugh.


  2. Did nobody realize Oldbag jumped out of her seat too to hand Phoenix some evidence? They had a full-blown conversation in the middle of a silent courtroom.


  3. Why did they omit the T-Bone steak? And the pill bottle? (Those who played the game know what I mean.)

  4. They cut out Sal and Cody’s testimonies, and made it that only Dee testified.

  5. There was this weird shot at the end of the episode where they noticed Edgeworth at the bottom of the stairs. It made it seem like they were outside, looking at Edgeworth who was inside the courthouse.

  6. The T-Bone Steak! I can’t get over it.

  7. This is a funny one. What’s with the dramatic lights and wind when Edgeworth or Phoenix make an objection? Dee was knocked off her feet and collapsed on the ground after a powerful yell from Phoenix.

  8. They used like 3 different photos for the “one” photo that Cody took… That made no sense to me.
  9. There are so many timeline changes! It disrupts the flow of things, and it feels like animators were just trying to make up for details they omitted by squeezing everything into the episode. I get that there’s only so much you can fit into the episodes, but the changes were sloppy and didn’t make any sense.

There are definitely some other plot holes in the episode, but these were the ones that stood out to me most.

Ren’s Rating: 5/10



Turnabout Goodbyes and Turnabout Sisters were my least favorite cases, but I love “Ace Attorney” too much to skip this case. Turnabout Goodbye begins on Episode 8, and starts off with the same scenes that were shown in the game.

Two figures in the fog on a boat, a gunshot, someone falls into the water, and Edgeworth is pictured holding the gun with a horrified expression on his face. Yikes. Edgey is a killer now?


Phoenix and Maya learn about this on the morning news and flabbergasted, immediately rushing to the Detention Center to confront Edgeworth.

He basically blows them off, saying stuff like, “You? Defend me? You’ve won three cases out of luck, it won’t last forever,” and “don’t get involved.”

Gee, Edgey, your pal Nick is just trying to help you out. Unless you’d rather stay in jail, then I suggest you let him take your case. Nobody else wants to.

Phoenix and Maya go to the crime scene, a park with a lake people say they’ve spotted “Gourdy,” basically the Loch Ness Monster. At the scene, they bump into Gumshoe (Detective Suedeshoes or Gumtree, from Phoenix and Maya’s perspectives), who tells them a little about the crime, but nothing much they can work off of.

The pair investigate, visiting the boat house, which ends up locked, and bumping into an all-too-familiar face… Larry. Turns out he found a new job as Santa Claus and is operating a pastry stand. He says he doesn’t know much about what happened, but he gets shocked when he learns Edgeworth is the accused killer.


Maya learns that Phoenix, Miles, and Larry have known each other since they were children. Talk about three unlikely friends.

They then meet Lotta Hart, who has been camping out at the lake with a camera set up. Turns out her nice camera (which she leaves out for people to steal…) is programmed to react to loud bangs. She’s there to capture the famous Gourdy on camera, and Phoenix wonders if the camera captured something at the time of the murder.


Lotta’s like, “Now that you mention it… I witnessed the murder last night.”

…How could you not remember that?

She packs up her bags and runs off to give the police the scoop they need to advance the case.

Phoenix and Maya are contacted by Marvin Grossberg from the Turnabout Sisters trial. He has something to tell them, and they meet up with him for a serious chat. He apologizes for being unable to help Maya, confessing he was the one who leaked information about Misty Fey (Mia and Maya’s mom) to Redd White long ago. (That bastard!) Redd White has been blackmailing him since, but now that White’s in jail, he’s able to get it all off his chest.

Furthermore, Grossberg spills the beans about who the victim is, pointing him out as a former employee at his law firm, Robert Hammond. Hammond was the defense attorney during a trial way back involving Misty Fey. The DL-6 Trial.

It was the first time the court used a spirit medium for a case, but she was branded as a hoax. After that being accused of being a fake, Misty disappeared, and since then, Mia and Maya have been without parents. Grossberg reveals Mia became a defense attorney to trail after White and bring justice.

Phoenix and Maya are in for a shock when they find out the victim in the DL-6 case was Gregory Edgeworth, Miles’s pops.


Armed with new resolve and knowledge, Phoenix revisits Edgeworth, who finally agrees to having him as his defense attorney. Phoenix promises to finally repay Edgeworth for the past and says it’s alright if Edgeworth doesn’t remember what he means by that.

Edgeworth reveals the prosecution in the case will be Manfred von Karma. The von Karma. Phoenix has a tough journey ahead of him, as this old man hasn’t lost a single case in 40 years. He’ll do everything and anything for a win. (Isn’t that suspicious, though? A straight-win record for 40 years. Just isn’t realistic. I don’t get why he wouldn’t be investigated.)


Edgeworth says the night of the murder, he was called out by Hammond, whom he hadn’t contacted in many years. While on the boat, he heard a bang, and someone fell into the water. He wasn’t thinking when he picked up the gun, which contaminated the evidence. Good job, there, Miles.

I liked this episode. It made up for the previous, mediocre episode, and had great transitions that didn’t make the story feel unnatural. I don’t have much to point out about what I liked, but I was left with an overall feeling of satisfaction and excitement for the next few episodes. It’s going to get intense from here on out!

Ren’s Rating: 8/10



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