Otome Corner! ♡ “Lost Island+” Review

Written By: Lauren

“Lost Island+” is a horror and action-themed otome game by NTT Solmare, the creators of titles such as “Destiny Ninja” and “Wizardess Heart.” Being an avid fan of horror and action (and of course, otome games), I jumped on the game when I saw it.

It took me a while, but eventually, I got through every playable character’s routes and am eager to share a brief review of the game!

Warning!: This review contains some spoilers. Not major ones, but spoilers nonetheless.

The story revolves around the MC (Main Character) joining the research team on Aoshima, an island said to contain a new source of energy. They call this material extra-hydrate, or “XH,” and it’s supposed to be an alternative to fossil fuels. The native islanders have beef with these new researchers, who have established a lab on their island and have been invading their space, disrupting their peace.

Not only are they invading their territory, but bringing about a curse… Dead bodies begin appearing on the island, spreading rumors of a curse. Soon enough, zombies take over the island, and dark secrets behind XH and the laboratory are exposed. People die, and the MC and the others are forced to fight to survive.

I played Ryo, Ren, Lionel, and Sasaki’s routes and in that particular order, getting all of the happy endings (who doesn’t like a happy ending to a zombie story? My horror side says I should be going for bad endings, but my otome-loving side says to go for the happy endings.).

Here’s the order from who I liked most to least: Lionel, Sasaki, Ryo, and Ren. That’s far from what I expected, of course. Well, I expected I’d like Sasaki, but I expected to like Ryo and Ren more than I ended up liking them.

Lionel is sweet, honest, and kind. Throughout his route, it’s more like the MC is after Lionel than the other way around. She thinks he’s handsome and caring, so she’s attracted to him from the start. He’s also very protective and with a strong sense of justice, so he’s able to protect everyone when needed. I loved him and actually grew very attached to his character. I’d say his route is the most exciting besides Ryo’s route. I definitely recommend his route.

I just wrapped up Sasaki’s route and am satisfied. Not overjoyed, but content enough. I’m not too into the “much older” character, but of course, I did enjoy his route. He’s known MC far before working at the lab, and she’s always admired him. Her admiration gradually turns into love after getting to know him better, and seeing how mature, kind-hearted, and sometimes silly he can be. However, he’s also brave, which I really liked. I didn’t fall for his character, but I did gain more appreciation for him.

As for Ryo, I’m in the middle with his character. There were things I liked about his route, and found exciting, but other parts just made me upset. He annoyed me so much with his attitude at times and his justifications for being an alpha all the time were irksome. However, he’s passionate, strong-willed, and also loving, too. I wouldn’t say I loved him as much as I thought, but his story is definitely interesting.

Last and least, Ren. I expected a little arrogance from him, but his constant belligerence and mistreatment of the MC because of her gender was beyond irritating. I spent more time yelling at MC and Ren for their foolishness than enjoying the story. Sometimes, he’s kind, and other times, he’s a straight-up asshole. Nobody likes a douchebag, especially a sexist one. He suddenly gets a change of heart later and falls in love with the MC, which just makes me mad. I didn’t hate him, but my dislike for him is very close to hate. At least he makes up a little for it later, but it doesn’t excuse his wrongdoings.

I’ll say that I loved how different this otome game was compared to others. It wasn’t your typical fantasy, princess, or light-hearted otome game and gave you a glimpse into the dark. People die, including some of the main characters. (Major Spoiler! Sasaki even gets beheaded in one of the routes, if I remember correctly.)

I appreciated the darker, more intense themes and thought it gave insight into real emotions and responses to life-threatening situations.

Of course, there are faults with the game. The storytelling was not superb, but slightly above average. Each route has its own unique points, but sometimes, it feels like you’re reliving the same thing over and over again, just with a different person.

If Keas or Shota get a route, I’ll play it for sure. Especially, Shota. He deserves a route. (Spoiler! He gets killed in some of the stories, or at least heartbroken by his unrequited love for the MC.)

Overall, I enjoyed “Lost Island+” and wish it got more attention and reception than it received.

Ren’s Rating: 7/10


Download “Lost Island+” from NTT Solmare! Android | IOS


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