[Review] “Ace Attorney” Episodes 5 & 6

Written By: Lauren

Let’s just say episode 5 and 6 were my favorite episodes thus far. It also covers my favorite case in “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” the Turnabout Samurai. Many of my favorite characters were introduced, such as the talkative Oldbag, lovable Will Powers, and adorable Cody Hackins.

Like usual, I’ll be doing a summary mixed with my thoughts about the episode. I’ll also compare and contrast scenes from the anime and the game!


Episode 5 hit it off with an animation of “The Steel Samurai.” We finally get to see it animated! It was just like I imagined it to be, giving off the feeling of a children’s show but with the right amount of action to make it appeal to people like Edgeworth.

I’ll admit I didn’t like the way Maya was represented in the previous episodes, but they’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! Her enthusiasm for “The Steel Samurai,” coupled with her eccentric personality, is portrayed perfectly in this episode, especially the beginning. I loved seeing the back-and-forths between her and Phoenix.

After watching the show, Phoenix mulls over their lack of clients and there’s a sudden transition to Phoenix sleeping at home. He gets a call from Maya, and when he returns to the office, he discovers Will Powers, the actor who plays “The Steel Samurai,” was arrested for [allegedly] murdering the actor playing the antagonist in the show, Jack Hammer. Let’s just say anime Jack and Will were perfect depictions of their game selves.



Maya drags Phoenix to the detention center, where they take on Will’s case. After all, they’re in need for clients, and who better to defend than the Steel Samurai himself?

The pair then go to Global Studios, where we meet Wendy Oldbag, the security lady who said she saw Will heading towards the crime scene. She blabbers on, earning herself the well-deserved title of a windbag. Or maybe a rapper. Our pal Dick Gumshoe is there too, and gets a shock when he sees Phoenix and Maya.

We also meet Cody, who was hiding in a bush watching them. My first impression of him was, “Where the hell are his eyebrows?” besides thinking he was adorable! Cody’s actually one of my favorite characters, so I was most excited to see him. I’m also wondering why they didn’t keep his signature pose with the camera, but that’s a minor detail.



When he runs off, he drops his photo album, which they pick up.

We get to see cuts of Dee Vasquez and Sal (who is slobbering… gross…) and brief scenes of Phoenix and Maya investigating. We don’t officially get to meet Penny Nichols, but we see her and the pair talking. I was disappointed about that!

There’s even a brief scene where Edgeworth speaks to von Karma. Dun dun dun. [Major Spoiler Alert] Ready for the DL-6 case and the heartbreak that comes with it.

Day 1 of Will Powers’s trial commences. It’s hilarious to see Oldbag fawn over Edgeworth, who gets flustered by her. With Phoenix’s improv skills, the finger is pointed at Oldbag for the true killer, and when cornered, she confesses that she was told to keep quiet by the big wigs.

With these new discoveries, the trial is prolonged, giving more time for everyone to investigate.

This episode had great animation! The art was polished, vibrant, and beautiful.

Ren’s Rating: 8/10



In this episode, we return to Global Studios for some more sleuthing. Phoenix and Maya bump into Sal Manella (what a tragic name) and he shows them to Studio 2. They meet Dee Vasquez, who states there’s no way she nor Sal were involved in the murder because of the road blockage (aka a giant monkey head statue).



Phoenix and Maya play cat-and-mouse with Cody until they finally get him to reveal information. Turns out he knows more than everybody else does about the murder. They find out he was there on the day of the murder and followed the person in the Steel Samurai outfit, snapping photos along the way. He deleted them because the Steel Samurai lost. However, he kept one picture, which shows the Steel Samurai in front of Studio 2’s gate.

He also mentions that the Steel Samurai did a pose, which Phoenix realizes is the Evil Magistrate’s pose, not the Steel Samurai’s. Phoenix deduces that the person in the suit was actually Jack Hammer, not Will Powers.

Phoenix comforts a crying Cody and tells him that the Steel Samurai wins because he’s righteous, not because he’s strong. I liked that.

With these revelations, Phoenix and Maya confront Dee about Jack coming to Studio 2 to see her. She seems awfully suspicious for someone who had nothing to do with the murder, right?

While he confronts her, her men surround him, creating an imposing atmosphere. Thankfully, Gumshoe shows up to approve Dee for testifying in court tomorrow, and that concludes the episode.

[Major Spoiler Alert] What my sister pointed out to me was really interesting! If you look at the small garden in front of the Studio 2 trailer, you see that the true murder weapon, the spike on the fence, is bent, like it should be. The animators really paid close attention to details there. Props for that!


Ren’s Rating: 8/10



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