Otome Corner! ♡ “Oz+” Oz Ch. 1

Written By: Lauren

Chapter 1 of Oz’s route was very short, but as most beginnings are for otome games, it was sweet! This follows our lovely Dorothy selecting Oz as her “suitable man” and the comical reactions from the unselected suitors.

After Dorothy makes her selection of Oz, the dismayed others demand to know why he was chosen over them (or more like beg her for the reason).

Here, we get the option of: “He’s from the same/real world,” “He seems reliable,” or “He seems interesting.” At first I chose, “He seems interesting,” because that’s what I really thought, but then when he frowned, I knew I chose the wrong one so I restarted the scene. (Whoops!)

I then picked “He seems reliable,” and it was the right answer! It’s mentioned that Oz is older than the others (he’s comically referred to as a “geezer”) and because he’s already well-respected and known, he’s someone Dorothy can rely on if she needs help.

The boys also find out that Oz is technically only the “temporary boyfriend,” since she might end up falling in love with someone else.

The boys quiet down with that, and we get to hear a little bit from the handsome man himself. That determined look never leaves his face for even a second, and he even teases cute Dorothy, who is embarrassed by his actions.

There seems to be a specific reason he’s determined to make her fall in love with him, or a reason why he’s drawn to her, as he mentions something along the lines and trails off before we get to hear what he has to say.

Once the chatter dies down, Solomon asks Dorothy whether she wants to have a ball or a banquet, and Oz suggests that he holds a magic show. Her stomach rumbles, so they decide it’ll be a banquet. Oz promises Dorothy she’ll see a lot of his magic shows in the future.

Pros: The character dynamics are interesting between all the characters. Oz and Wesley really make the environment ten times more fun. So far, all of the characters are lovable, and the mystery surrounding Oz makes me curious to learn more.

I’m also curious to what Oz and Wesley seem to be in on that Dorothy (and maybe everyone else) aren’t. Maybe they know something about the reason for this “suitable boyfriend” thing. Maybe it has something to do with more power/leadership? I’m ready for some intense stuff, so I hope NTT Solmare throws some at me!

Cons: I’m a little disappointed that I chose the wrong answer with “Magic Show” instead of “Banquet,” but it’s not a big deal. I am on Oz’s route, so I wanted to see his magic skills right away! I guess we’ll see them soon enough.

The scenes are so short. If you’re expecting long scenes like “Wizardess Heart,” you’ll be very disappointed with this game. Either I read way too fast, or the scenes are shorter than they ever have been with NTT Solmare.

Also disappointed the entire chapter was brief and took place in the same setting that 80% of the prologue did. Also, does Norton not have any close shots? I’d like to see his sprite art up close!

Stay tuned for my playthrough of Chapter 2 of Oz’s story! See y’all soon!

Ren’s Rating: 7/10



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