Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 5

Written By: Lauren

I’m back with my second playthrough of “The Niflheim+” by NTT Solmare! I just completed Chapter 5 of Skeletiano’s Route and have a few thoughts (and a summary) to share with you all.

In terms of overall feel, this chapter was less interesting than the previous one and lacked elements that made huge, pivotal moments pop up. The “make-it-or-break-it” scenes in this chapter were more watered down than I’d like, and I’ll explain to you why.

The chapter starts with MC in her room mulling over what Sunny said about her being in love with Skeletiano, and when she hears a knock at the door, she gets excited, thinking Skeletiano has come to visit her. She’s disappointed when she sees that it’s friendly Philippe, who was summoned by Orlando to pick a book for her training. MC, being the obvious and bad liar she is, can’t help but show her disappointment at seeing Orlando instead of Skeletiano.


Philippe notices her crestfallen expression and asks her about it. She eventually fesses up to being in love with Skeletiano, and just as she finishes confessing, Skeletiano waltzes into the room. What a surprise!

MC wants to continue talking to Philippe, knowing he can help with the situation, and when Skeletiano tries to tag along with them to the library, MC brushes him off. She says something along the lines of: “It won’t be good if we spend all day and night together all the time, right?” Philippe then comes to her defense, noting that the Princess probably needs some air once in awhile and get away from all things related to the castle.

The scene transitions to a dejected Skeletiano, whose saddened about how good Philippe and the Princess look together. He then resigns to be happy for them if they’re a couple, even if it hurts him. Poor Bones.


Fast forward some time later, and our lovely Princess and Skeletiano meet up again. Skeletiano observes that it seems like she’s avoiding him, and she blatantly confesses that she doesn’t hate him, but hates the fact they can only be friends because she’s in love with him.


Skeletiano professes his feelings for her as well, and after establishing that there’s a “mutual love,” they run off to ask the King to pardon their relationship. (Feels all too familiar, after playing J.J and Pale Ghost’s routes…)

Pros: We finally get to see the MC hang out with someone other than Skeletiano, and it’s Philippe! It was refreshing to see the MC being honest with herself and seeking advice from a trustworthy friend. We also get a little hint about Philippe’s story, as he reveals that he was once a prince. (Makes me interested in playing his route, even if he’s not exactly my type.)

MC and Skeletiano finally come to terms with their feelings with each other! Finally! No more of that “I wonder what this feeling in my heart is…” I was actually pretty enlightened with how upfront Princess was about liking Skeletiano. She was even the first one to say it!

There’s a good bit of humor in this seemingly dreary chapter, with Skeletiano falling apart (literally falling apart) and piecing himself back together after the MC brushes him off. I also loved that NTT Solmare described the colors of the rose intensifying on Skeletiano’s chest: finally they acknowledge the thing I’ve been noticing.

They confront a realistic situation and know their boundaries. At least they acknowledge their limits, since Bones is one of the King’s people and the Princess is the King’s fiancee. I’m glad they respected that and went to go ask Jean for permission right away! (It pains me a little to break the King’s heart all over again in an alternate universe…)

Cons: This chapter was lackluster in terms of the writing strategies used to show a conflict between Skeletiano and MC. The “avoiding all contact” and “accidentally lashing out at the love interest” is too common and just all-around uninteresting. It gets old quick when people struggling to understand their feelings take out their frustration on the others.

It’s usually the male love interest who lashes out at the MC, but this time it was the MC doing it. Either way, I didn’t think it was interesting at all and just stumped the progression of relationship between the two, rather than developed it. There are many options to show a conflict or a problem between the two characters, and this didn’t cut it out for me.

Ren’s Rating: 6/10



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