Otome Corner! ♡ “The Niflheim+” Skeletiano Ch. 4

Written By: Lauren

Of all the characters in “The Niflheim,” there’s nobody’s route I wanted to play more than Jean’s, the Pale Ghost’s, and of course, Skeletiano’s. After finishing up two out of three of those routes, I was ready for a romance with our beloved Skeletiano.

Skeletiano has the most personality in the game, aside from the King. From his witty remarks, to his genuine chemistry with the MC (Main Character), and obsession with romance, I knew I had to learn more about who he was.

I played Chapters 1-3 a couple of months ago so I don’t remember too much about it, except that Skeletiano and the Princess have been getting along well. Now that I’ve begun playing otome games again, you can expect a few playthroughs from me!

I’ll start my playthrough/review from Chapter 4 of Skeletiano’s route. I’ll summarize the events and comments on things like dialogue, plot, CGs, and more, and maybe throw in a few complaints.

So Chapter 4 starts out with the masquerade. The Princess is there with the King, but he gets whisked off by his harem, leaving the Princess with Skeletiano (who is wearing an absolutely lovely mask, by the way). The Princess is like, “Oh, your mask is pretty, but I’d rather look at your face.” Get it, girl! I love her initiative.

MC and Skeletiano go off and wander into this creepy old shop, where MC gets her fortune read. Turns out she’s going to be separated from the one she loves in the future. She’s like, “You mean the King?” but we all know it means Skeletiano. (Well, spoiler alert.)


The next day, she asks Skeletiano on a date (damn, girl!) and they head to Hell’s Cafe, a retro cafe with interesting menu selections.

Afterwards, they go to a clothing shop owned by a little yarn worm. She tries on a few things, then they go watch a movie together, conveniently titled the “Prince of Bats.” It’s about this bat and human girl that fall in love, and when the girl kisses the bat, he magically turns into a human. Skeletiano ejects, “A love that surpasses species… How lovely.” In my head, though, I was cringing at the implied beastiality.


MC gets a little wrapped up in the movie and wonders if Skeletiano will magically become a man if she kisses him too, which makes me a little suspicious about the future progression of the story…

Anyway, she locks eyes (or eye sockets, I guess) with Skeletiano and they lean towards each other, and just as she thinks he’s gonna kiss her, he’s like, “Princess, aren’t you upset that I ate all the popcorn?”

Now we get the choice of what to say, and of course I pick the more interesting answer: “I thought you were going to kiss me!”

A++ for giving MC the initiative. That’s what I’m looking for.

Skeletiano gets flustered for a moment, but then goes back to normal. MC gets a little miffed after that, embarrassed that she’s the only one who got all worked up. Now she’s beginning to get some weird feelings about lovely Bones and when she returns to the castle, she vents to Sunny, who is unusually eager to hear her out. Turns out she went on a date with Victor, who we all know she’s head-over-heels infatuated with.

Sunny points out she thinks MC is falling in love, and our cute, oblivious MC goes, “Love? With who?” If it was me, it would be pretty obvious if I realized I was falling in love with someone, but I guess otome games like having that “mystery” or “oblivious” factor to the characters falling in love.

Even though Sunny seems so in love with Victor, I’m totally getting some MC x Sunny vibes. Where’s her route at?

: Loved the development of relationship between MC and Skeletiano, and all of the new settings we were introduced to. They did a great job, as usual, of storytelling, and I actually feel attached to a fictional skeleton man.

I’m appreciative of the MC’s initiative, as it gets annoying when the MCs are too submissive and has no character. The MC is pretty upfront and has a lovable personality. The new characters and introduction to a problem (aka the being separated from a loved one) was unique. I really liked it.

Cons: The MC is so oblivious that it’s borderline boring and old. It gets old quickly when you know people aren’t that oblivious in real life about how they feel about someone, not to mention it’s so common in otome games. C’mon, NTT Solmare. Besides those points, there’s no real complaints I have.

Chapter 5 review coming up!

Ren’s Rating: 8/10



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