Kweens Cuisine :: Course 1

Written By: Weslee

Welcome to the first course of Kweens Cuisine, a lifestyle portion focusing on– you guessed it– all things food! The course includes pictures of said delicious foods ranging from mouthwatering meats to decadent treats, along with our thoughts of the establishment itself and rate it according to our Ruby Rating system.

Hello everyone, Wes here with the first post of this section! As most of you know, summer is here for us, so I tend to follow my family tradition and make trips to Las Vegas quite often. This time our destination lead to The Bellagio, and for our lunch it led us to none other than the Cafe Bellagio.


The cafe itself is located near the lobby, and is situated right on the side of the stunning garden Bellagio has on display. The garden itself has different themes that are switched during the seasons and holidays, and with summer rearing its full force, Bellagio has composed a gorgeous oceanic theme!

Bright, brilliant colors of oranges, greens, and yellows are splayed across the area, the light of the sun hitting each flower and decoration magnificently. There’s even a walkway where you can view tanks full of exotic fish on either side of you, it was so peaceful going through the entire area. 




More photos of the garden can be found in our Gallery!

It gives the cafe a natural lighting during the day thanks to the glass roofing of the garden, and is such a relaxing place to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends. Not to mention the staff was extremely polite, making sure everything was perfect and enjoyable on multiple occasions. Speaking of delicious meal, let’s get right into the food, shall we?

I highly recommend the Spaghetti Bolognese, the rich and robust flavors of the roma tomatoes melded perfectly with their tender bites of ground angus beef simmered in a delicious sauce with just the right amount of herbs and spices.

I practically cleaned the entire plate off using the toasted-to-perfection garlic bread as a sponge that’s included with the pasta. The pasta noodles were cooked exactly how I enjoyed them– not bordering on al dente, but just firm enough to suit my tastes.


Other dishes we enjoyed included the Grilled Portobello, which was a vegetarian take on a classic grilled meat sandwich, the substitute being a large Portobello mushroom flattened into a patty, grilled together with roasted red bell peppers, topped with fresh greens of arugula and spinach, and a generous amount of caramelized onions and dijon mustard.

I’m a huge fan of mushrooms, so this was a winner for me, the Portobello was much more delicious than some meats I’ve had in sandwiches before. All these sandwiches come with a heaping pile of crispy golden french fries or coleslaw.

Now switching back to meats, we also had the Turkey Burger, a massive patty made of ground turkey packed in with numerous spices. It was juicy and flavorful on its own, an impressive take on it since I’m used to turkey patties being dry and tasteless.

It seemed as though I was eating a sausage at first since the consistency of the outside reminded me of casing, and the inside bursting with the spices that were melded into the meat. The patty is in-between two whole wheat buns, topped with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, on the side they include a tart and delicious cranberry mustard sauce.


Grilled Portobello (Left) and Turkey Burger (Right)

The Classic Tuna Salad Sandwich was great as well, the waitress allowing us to order it a la melt, making the cheese and tuna become one massive pile of gooey happiness. The brioche roll was an interesting choice of bread, but didn’t take away from the flavor of the tuna salad whatsoever, the salad itself containing crisp pieces of pickles, a plentiful amount of mayonnaise and thousand island sauce and just the hint of spice with some cayenne pepper.


Lastly, Cafe Bellagio has a daily special menu separate from their usual 24-hour meals. Each day has a different dish, all at the same price and available until 10 PM. We arrived on Sunday, and the special we ordered was the Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich.

Two towering sandwiches consisted of golden brown buttermilk waffle slices as the makeshift bun, and in-between them were slivers of crispy fried chicken, seasoned expertly with just the right amount of heat and breading. Topped with their freshly made coleslaw, they included a squeeze of hot sauce to kick up the spice a notch.

The cold, sweet crunch of the coleslaw contrasted well with the sharp heat and kick from the hot sauce. Instead of regular fries, they included a delicious mountain of sweet-potato fries– usually I’m not a big fan of these because they can be too sweet and take away from the satisfying saltiness I’m accustomed to when I enjoy french fries, but they seasoned it just right to make sure the sweetness and saltiness were at equal ratios.


The meal overall was delicious and satisfying, especially since the servings were so plentiful, it definitely made my stomach happy after running around all morning. The staff was cheerful and helpful, which was a plus. The scenery was relaxing and beautiful, and added that extra ambiance a cafe needs.

Wes’s Rating: 8/10 





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