Final Take (Film Reviews) :: “The Conjuring 2”

Written By: Lauren

“The Conjuring 2,” directed by James Wan, came out in theaters on June 10. Being a fan of horror films and having watched the first installment twice, I needed to watch it. Here are my thoughts about the movie! This review contains spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Film: “The Conjuring 2”

Release Date: June 10, 2016

Director: James Wan

Duration: 2 Hr 13 Min

Overall, “The Conjuring 2” was a decent horror film with a sufficient level of suspense and plotline. The occasional jump scare and imagery were creepy, but it wasn’t as scary as people make it out to be. However, there were a few good points about the movie, and I’ll go into detail about it in my quick review.


The Final Take

We’re introduced to two separate stories, one being the Hodgson family and the other Lorraine and Ed Warren, the couple from the first movie. The Hodgson family (who live in England) is plagued by strange occurrences in their household, with daughter Janet being the main target for possessions or dark visions. Lorraine and Ed, demonologists, are called by the church to investigate the Hodgson family’s case, which has quickly spiraled into a media sensation.

Once the Warrens actually investigate the Hodgson family, Lorraine is unable to sense the spirit that’s been tormenting the Hodgsons or gather proof of the spirit for the church. Even after a series of unexplained incidences (such as the bite marks and night possessions), the Warrens have no choice but to leave the family to fend for themselves.

However, Ed and Lorraine piece together the story (literally piece it together) and uncover the truth behind the haunting. As expected, they rush back to save the family from the clutches of the demon, and they succeed.

The family is liberated from the demon, and the Warrens return home, where they tend to their cursed object collection (and we peep at Annabelle in the background).

The movie does a good job at building suspense during scenes, and even when I expected the jump scare, I was still tense waiting for it. The beginning half hour of the movie is uneventful and lackluster, and I was uninterested in all of the Hodgsons save for Billy, who hardly has much of a role in the plot.

What is chilling about this movie was the introduction of the demon through Ed’s painting. Ed paints a chilling visage of an entity he sees in his nightmares. After Lorraine has a premonition of encountering the demon and witnessing Ed’s death, she realizes the demon is real, building anticipation and suspense for its official appearance.

Although not blown away by the movie like others were, it wasn’t horrible. I do like Ed and Lorraine’s characters, and the cast does a great job acting out the scenes. I enjoyed the first movie more than the first, but for a sequel, “The Conjuring 2” wasn’t too shabby.

Ren’s Rating: 6/10



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