The Ruby Reel (K-Music Recs) :: Record #1

Written By: Lauren

Hello, everyone! It’s Ren here with my first music recommendation list. I’ll be compiling playlists of Korean music (especially K-pop, K-R&B, and K-Hip Hop) that I think you should all listen to!

For this Record, I’ll be focusing on some recent releases (within the past few weeks). These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Track # 1: “Young Forever” by BTS

Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Epilogue

Duration: 3:16

Commentary: The song is beautiful in so many ways. It’s a touching song with strong, emotional vocals and raps and is also Rap Monster’s debut as a composer. Even if you aren’t a BTS fan, you can relate to the meaning of the song and experience the same feelings that fans have when they listen to it. They discuss the feelings that run through their head when they realize that they can only be young for so long and the unexpected destinies that lie ahead of them in the unknown future.


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The Ruby Reel (J-Music Recs) :: Record #1

Written By: Weslee

Welcome to the first official post of Weslee’s J-Music Recommendation! These are purely based on my personal opinion, so you may or may not agree with them, but please be polite in the comments. These posts will be a compilation of my top 5 picks from anything that’s caught my eye, along with them are the song information, links, and music videos! J-Music is not only limited to J-Pop, so there will be a variety of genres within the Japanese music spectrum. Please enjoy Weslee’s Top Five!



Title: Amakakeru Hoshi (天かける星)  

Artist: Suara (すあら)

Album:  Amakakeru Hoshi (天かける星)

Media (Anime OP): Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen OP2 (うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面)

Official Website: Suara

Thoughts: Suara’s voice alone is enough to make my thoughts transport to another world; the flute notes in this song really do accentuate her voice quite well, the overall composition making me feel ready for a battle! The part with the string instruments was whimsical and created a calmer feature compared to the chorus which focused strongly on the drums. If you are looking for a song to pump you up for battle (of any sorts), I recommend this one.

Music Video (short version):


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